What We’ve Done

Projects we’ve tackled in the past

Ventnor Park lighting.  In 2022 Ventnor Town Council agreed to take over from VEF payment of the electricity bill.  We continue to maintain the lighting and bandstand power supplies
Cascade lighting.  We handed this over to the Town Council in 2018
Ventnor Park aviary (2014-2021).  Maintenance involved feeding, budgie food and cleaning out
“Run England” 1km running course in Ventnor Park (2014)
Flowersbrook pond, stream and waterfall (2013-4).  Extensive regular maintenance undertaken
Triangular exotic flowerbeds outside Royal and Eversley hotels.  Added narcissi and plants (2019-20)
Barbecue above La Falaise car park
Esplanade raised flowerbeds.  Extensive planting (2015) and routine maintenance
Designed and marked out the Dinosaur labyrinth (2015).  Routinely re-mark it every two to four weeks
Restored the Gnomon on the esplanade (2015) and promptly attend to any rust breakthrough
Mosaics in Central car park.  We have maintained the old church arches above since 2015
Flowerbeds alongside Central car park.  This involves regular weeding and planting.
Planters in town centre (2014-5).   We always maintain these in bloom and treat woodwork
Troughs on railings near clock shop (2019-on)
Working with the Town Council we organised the acquisition and fitting of hanging baskets in the town centre (2019)
Refurbished benches next to aviary and in Park Avenue (both in 2015)
Obtained funding for Out-fit open air gymnasium
Sea Breeze play park
Sea Breeze play park fencing (2020)
Stokey’s Solar System Walk (2015).   Brought up-to-date with new plaques and ‘Sun’ in 2018
Designed cards for Stokey’s Walk.  Funded the manufacture of boxes for holding them (Sheds)
Decorated La Falaise car park shelter (May 2016) and installed pictorial history of the area (2017)
Decorated Barbecue shelter (August 2016)
Decorated Cascade shelter (October 2016).  Finally succeeded in getting the roof replaced (2020)
Planted 7500 crocuses (October 2016)
Installed displays in empty shop windows (2017-9)
Cleared triangular planted area at the top of Grove Road (2018).  Shaped bushes, removed weeds and maintain it.  Added narcissi
Planted narcissi and daffodils at the intersection of Zig-zag Road and Alpine Road, and at top and bottom of Castle Road
Cleaned up Toposcope in Salisbury Gardens and added plaque showing history (2020)
Extensively filled, sealed and painted the esplanade arches (2020-21) 
Planted Japanese cherry trees in various locations around Ventnor (2022)
Initiated the restoration by BT of red telephone boxes on Church Hill and in The Grove (2022)
Financed restoration of the drinking fountain at the bottom of The Cascade (2023)

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