Things to do

Take a walk between Flowersbrook and Bonchurch


From Flowersbrook head east along the coastal path towards Ventnor

The Dinosaur Turf Labyrinth

The labyrinth is marked in the shape of a diplodocus and life-size at 44m long and 12m high.   The route to the centre is 260m long.  The labyrinth is based on a seven circuit classic shape, opened between the centre and the bottom to create the four legs.  The head and tail add zig-zags. 

La Falaise shelter

La Falaise shelter contains VEF posters showing local history and old photographs provided by Ventnor Heritage Centre.  On the other side a huge map of the coastline shows the public footpaths and toilets.

The Gnomon

The gnomon was presented to the town in 1851 by Sir Thomas Brisbane.  Chipped back to bare metal, the gnomon has been restored and maintained by VEF since 2015



Esplanade flowerbeds



VEF took over responsibility for these flowerbeds in 2015 and added many drought-resistant plants.  They are seen at their best in May and June.

Stokey's Solar System Walk

along the revetment between Wheeler Bay and Bonchurch


Continue past The Sun to Bonchurch where you will find the pottery.  Continue until you reach a footpath with steps to the left.  Pass over a stream before joining a narrow road that passes the quaint 11th Century church en-route to the village.  You can retrace your steps or walk back through Bonchurch and Ventnor town centre.  Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Ventnor Park between the town centre and Flowersbrook on your way home